Thursday, 17 April 2008

The Dreaded Lurgy.....

Or the vomiting bug to be more precise.Both Louis and me have been struck down with it in the last week,hence the lack of posts. Louis is fine now and I'm just starting to feel better. I hate being sick at the best of times but was terrified all the muscles in my tummy that I had the op on were going to burst open. I must have looked a great sight trying to hold them while I said hello into the po. I can laugh now but it was so sore. My tummy muscles felt like they were on fire.
Anyway...enough about that. I've got lots of posts to catch up with,which I will do later today,as I've got a 4 year old anxious to get out and about for now and enjoy the last few days of the holidays.
So I will be back later to catch up and add some cards.....or

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