Thursday, 10 April 2008

Another Arte Y Pico Award

Thanks to Caz and Karen both for the "Arte Y Pico" award again. I really appreciate the award and as I've had it once already I'm going to nominate just a couple as most of the blogs I read have already received it. I'm also awarding it to anyone who hasn't had it,as I think all bloggers are worthy of it.
I award Vikki (Vixx-a-Craftin') and Donna (luvocardz) as they are both new bloggers and anyone else who wants to accept it.
Thank you once again ladies for this award.

1 comment:

Donna said...

Wow i've never won an award in my life (sniff) I would just like to thank my family for giving me the time to go on the computer (sniff) Steph for helping with my blog and all you lovely bloggers who have inspired me and last but not least Cass for nominating me. I love you all.(takes a bow)
Thanks Cass x lol your going to have to explain awards to me, i didn't know about them.