Thursday, 26 June 2008

Buried Under A Pile Of Stash

Hi folks,sorry AGAIN for the lack of blogging but I've literally been buried under a pile of stash.I've had about 7 commissioned cards to make this week plus get a LO done for the class next week. Most of the cards had tight deadlines too so I've been working like a busy little bee. I'm not the fastest card maker in the world so it was taking up most of my time,plus trying to keep on top of everything else. Unfortunately I wasn't whisked off by Jon Bon It was a fantastic concert but to say I was drookit was an understatement.It started raining while we were in the queue and never stopped until the Sunday afternoon. We had no jackets or waterproofs so were soaked to the skin,but it was still a fab night. I'll pop a few pictures on hopefully over the weekend of the concert and also of the cards I remembered to actually photograph as I missed a few due to them being needed so quickly. I'll also catch up with everyone's blogs and the tags I've been given.

Cass xxx


Emma said...

Babe its been tag city round here!! So glad you had a great time at the concert and will hopefully catch up with you soon. Hugs Emma.x

pickle said...

Sounds like you've been busy.
Glad you had a great time at the concert.Looking forward to seeing some of your crafty creations soon.
kerry x

kerry said...

Hiya Cass, sounds as if things are a bit hectic at the mo!
Good to hear that the rain didn't spoil your night. Look forward to seeing your piccies & cards!!
Kerry xxx

kath said...

Great to hear that you're back safe - really thought you had run off into the sunset with Bon Jovi....look forward to seeing some pics of what you have been busy doing

Charlol said...

Knew you hadn't run off with him as saw him on Friday. Mind you wouldn't blame you, if only I could run off with him 'sigh'
He is such a good showman and had the audience in his hands. Loved it esp as he did a lot of the oldies too. Sung myself horse! Can't wait to see the photos! You'll have to share all about the concert when the photos are up and running. Sorry for waffling glad you had a fab time ;)