Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Love......

of rock music is fairly well known to most who know me.When I set up my blog it was for me to keep an online diary of my cards/scrapbook pages and also for my love of rock music. The crafting kind of took over the blog and very little was posted of my music loves. I got swamped under trying to keep the blog going and feeling I needed to visit other blogs to leave comments and that wasn't what it was all supposed to be about. It was fantastic that people took the time out to comment on my cards but that wasn't why I set it up.So the crafting has taken a back seat on the blog for a while and I feel much happier about blogging again,BUT not with crafty things.I'm going back to pleasing myself with my music.Please feel free to unfollow me if you want.I do understand. I mainly keep my cards on Facebook now,but only as a central point for me and no one needs to feel they have to comment on them there.

Anyway....enough of all that drivel.I'm posting a song that I love,by a band I love.I hope some people do actually take time out to listen to the songs,as they're not all what you'd expect.

Alter Bridge - Watch Over You