Thursday, 18 June 2009

Busy busy busy

Sorry everyone for not visiting your lovely blogs over the last week,but it's been a busy week with one thing and another.I'm beginning to think I'll meet myself coming
I've not got any cards to show you just now although I do have a few in various stages of completion,mainly for Louis to give to his teachers.He has a few due to his special needs in school.Hopefully I'll get them finished and pop them on.
Last night I went to see Tesla in concert (who I hear you ask?) they're an 80's American rock band so probably all too young to know them (unlike me!) and my ears are still ringing.So for anyone who is remotely interested here's a song off their new album (it's a ballad).Pause the other music first or you'll get one mighty noise.

I'll try and start getting round all my lovely bloggy buddies tonight and try and catch up,with a break to watch The Big Bang Theory of course,as it's the last in the series.

Cass xxx


Anonymous said...

glad to hear that you had a fab time at your concert.. hope you manage to catch up with everything and that things slow down for you a bit. hugs rachxx

Jackie said...

I know just what you mean about meeting yourself comiong back Cass, I have never been so busy in my life! I hope things calm down for you soon :o)
Jackie xx

Tara said...

Look after yourself Cass, life's always so busy isn't it?
Not sure I can remember Tesla even though I'm the right age...... I was a bit of a New Romantic at the time, lol! xx

Shazza said...

Hi Cass, I am back from my hols now and hope to catch up on blogging soon. Hope all is good with you, you sound busy

Stu said...

Good song! Great band and brilliant concert too.

Enfys said...

Hiya Cass, Just popped by to get your addy so that I can put a link here from my bloggy. I gave in on the glitters. You enabler.
En x