Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Lovely Surprise In The Post Today

A beautiful Thank You card from the lovely Emma (elf-creations).It's an absolutely stunning card and the photo I took doesn't do it justice. It was such a thoughtful gesture from Emma.We both set up our blogs at the same time and have become blogging buddies. Emma's card was a thank you for supporting her since setting up her blog. Emma,the pleasure was all mine.You're a very talented lady and worth every comment you receive.You're also very supportive of lots of people in blogland as I've seen your posts on many of them including mine and for that I owe you a great big thanks. I also hope you're feeling better as I know you've been under the weather.
Cass xxx

Well tomorrow I'm off into hospital again for a minor operation to tidy up two little end bits of my scar from my tummy operation back in January. At least this time it'll be under local anaesthetic instead of general,so shouldn't be too bad.

Cass xxx


Christine (All She Crafts) said...

Hi, Cass (or should that be Ms Rock Chick?).. Just having a nose back.. lol ;o)

Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. Yours is pretty cool, too! Lots of fab creations!

Heather xx

kerry said...

What a gorgeous card to a talented crafter, from a talented crafter!!

Hope all goes well for you tomorrow!
Kerry xxx

dddeeebbbzzz said...

You are lucky to have Emma as a friend. She's a lovely person - and I've never met her!
Good luck tomorrow!

Charlol said...

Everyone is fab in blogland and have had lovely comments from both you and Emma. Good luck on op tomorrow.

Julie said...

Hi Cass..hope your op goes ok!...lovely card from your friend. x

~Emma~ said...

Hi Cass. Hope everything goes ok babe. Will be thinking of you. Lots of hugs Emma.x

katy said...

Hope everything goes ok Cass,gorgeous card from Emma xx

Donna said...

what a lovely card from Emma, good luck with the op tomorrow, hope it all goes well for you. Donna x

Unknown said...

Lovely card from Emma, I hope all goes well for you today - ChrissyX

Kath Stewart said...

Hi Cass
Been a bad blogger and just catching up with everybody - hope you have recovered from your little op