Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Another Award

Thanks to the lovely talented Tara (happily ever crafting) for the Kreativ Blogger award. Check out her blog as she makes gorgeous cards.

I'm not sure who has already got the award,but I'll pass it onto 4 very talented people anyway. Kerry, Debs,another Debs and Stu my pal who designs fab shapes for the Robo.He probably won't put it on his blog as he pretends he's shy...pmsl

Cass xxx


dddeeebbbzzz said...

Thank you so much! I'm thrilled to bits to be given the award. It's even more special as you were the first person to leave a comment on my blog and now you are the first to give me an award. Cheers! Off to blog it ready for tomorrow!

kerry said...

Cheers Cass, that's so lovely of you & most appreciated, thank you!!!
Hugs, Kerry xxxxxxx

Debsg said...

Aww thank you. I am so touched. I love making cards and reading people's blogs. Thank you. Deb x