Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Another Award

The lovely Sharon (Shari-Anne Happy Crafter) has nominated me for the You Make My Day Award.I'm so honoured to receive this award from another fellow crafter.So a huge Thank You to Sharon.

I now have to nominate another 3 people to receive the award. This is the difficult part as loads of people have already received it and loads are so deserving of it. I've decided to go with a few blogs that I've visited recently that have really shone with their crafting skills and it's not just related to cardmaking or scrapbooking particularly.
First up is Shirley (Create Away). I really love her blog with her fab photography and her lovely little quotes every day. It's a joy to read. Second would be Enfys (Colours Of Enfys) for her lovely silk and beadwork. Thirdly would be Sue (I'm Sue,Playing With Paper) as it's so refreshing to see lots of lovely techniques been used on cardmaking that seem to be missing from a lot of cards these days.


~Emma~ said...

Hey Cass...guess what? I've just tagged you! We now need to hear 7 random facts about you then you can pass the tag on!

Shirley said...

Thanks for the award Cass will try to do the admin on my site soon and place it on there :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Cass!